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Pho Linh

Vietnamese Grill

We Specialize in Beef Noodle Soup

         Dine-In or Take-Out





Thank you Albuquerque The Magazine for presenting us with this beautiful platter in the spring of 2013. We now have it proudly displayed on the wall behind our counter. To our many friends and customers, we would appreciate your going on line to and voting for us for the best Vietnamese restaurant in the city. Clicking the link will open the site in a new pane. Scroll down the page a bit to find the "vote" link. Voting ends August 1 of this year. We work hard seven days a week to cook the best Vietnamese food for you. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years!


Clicking the image below will open a new page with a review from the Albuquerque Alibi November  10-16, 2005 by Jennifer Wohletz  12/19/1013 FIVE STARS
My family and I like this place a whole lot. There are a few reasons why we like this place and I will get to them momentarily. If you are one of those that lack of patience, go to paragraph 69 and you will see why...jk lol. Well, this is the only Vietnamese restaurant that my family, my friends and co-workers who I introduced to keep coming back and go to in town.

1. Location: it is conveniently located on Central, west of San Mateo, right next to the "castle" store and a motel, how much more convenient could it get...? if you are not laughing, you need to find out what that store is.

2. Menu: you will feel overwhelmed with their menu...actually, it is like that for all Asian restaurants. They have about 20,000 items on their menus and most of them are the same. However, the owner was smart enough to organize their menu according whether the dish is normal rice, broken rice,  noodle, vermicelli noodle, fat noodle, thin noodle, short noodle, tall noodle, weird looking noodle...sounds like people doesn't it?

3. Beverages: Alcohol is a no no no at most of the authentic Asian restaurants. Why? cause it is almost impossible to pair Vietnamese food with Western alcohol drinks. Though, you have got to try avocado shake, sounds nasty? ya that is what most my friends told me, until you take that first sip and you gonna come back for more. Durian? if you are not Southeast Asians, I highly advise that you don't try it, or try it at the very end of your meal, the smell of durian could be very nasty, and overwhelming.

4. What to order if this is your first Vietnamese experience ever? you have missed out all your life with that Viet cuisine.

4.a Appetizer: Try their "Grilled Ground Beef Loaf Wrapped in Grape Leaf" not only is it moist, soft, but very well marinated. Or "Golden Crispy Squid With Orange Mayonnaise Sauce", their squid is thinly sliced and battered and fried, and you dip that long stick of squid into their homemade mayonnaise sauce, it's like party in the USA in 1999 in your mouth. The mayonnaise sauce is not just any ordinary one, it is extraordinary, influenced by the French cuisine, not only is it rich, but also light and refreshing at the same time...

4.b) Entree? try their "Beef Noodle Soup Combination" aka, Pho. It is the soul food of Vietnam. It takes a long time to cook the soup, about 12 hours or so. What is inside Pho? You will find Rare Steak, Well Done Flank, Brisket, Tendon, Tripe and Beef Meat Ball, served with Bean Sprouts, Sweet Basil, Jalapeno and Lime.- - - if you are familiar with French cuisine, it is familiar to that of The French "pot-au-feu".

4.c) What if I hate soup and I don't know how to use chopsticks to eat beside using it to hold my hair? easy fix, go with rice, the broken rice. Broken rice is not broken because they broke the normal rice, but just the smaller, shorter grain of rice.

4.d) what if i don't know how to use chopsticks and I hate rice? gettin' picky there! no worries, try their "Steamed Tiny Rice Vermicelli Plate" these are tiny little shinny vermicelli noodle woven into pads, kinda cool, my favorite dish here. Go easy on the fish sauce if you have never tried it before.

5. Dessert? hahaha, ya no they don't serve deserve, most authentic Asian restaurants don't care much for this. However, your Avocado shake, Durian shake...comes in handy here.

6. Service: only 2 waitress, 1 is the owner and another is the sister of the owner.. they try their best to serve you but it aint gonna be like an American restaurant where they have waitress wait on you. Try your best to order everything, EVERYTHING, in one shot if you don't to wait for about 100 years for them to come back. If you are shameless like me, go to the counter and ask for whatever that is you need and she will be more than happy to help you.

7. Atmosphere: aint the greatest to be honest. It is family friendly, singles friendly or peeps who are dating friendly...ideal for your first date here? I think not. You do not want to kiss each other, if it is your first kiss after having a Vietnamese meal, you gonna gag.

Why should you take this review into serious consideration? My family is an integrated family of French and Viet, growing up in a 2 generations of chef, and eating food from both cuisines, you developed a picky pallet for both cuisines and this restaurant makes food the ways that my grandmaw and maw would make.

I have driven by this places countless tumes and never even noticed it. After reading a glowing review in the ABQ Magazine, all that changed. The article said their Seven Courses of Beef was really good and a must when visiting rhe restaurant. We packed our selves into the car and went to find out for ourselves. They were not wrong! It was fabulous!

As soon as we sat down, the charming waitress came over took our drink orders as asked if we had any questions. We told her we wanted to try the Seven Courses of Beef. She asked if we had ever had it and we told her no. She then proceeded to explain each course and how it came to be. When the different courses arrived, she walked us through how to eat each dish and what accompaniments we might enjoy with the item. Now that is service!

Each dish was fabulous and food was so good, we are going back tomorrow to try some of their other offerings. I mentioned to a Vietnamese friend of mine that we went to Pho Linh and she mentioned it is one of her favorites. Very authentic. Score one for us!

Anyway, its a great, unassuming spot in the middle of town and worth several visits. I still can't believe I had never been to this restaurant!

Urban Spoon
Diner Review • Feb 24, 2013   Best Vietnamese in ABQ
Easily the best Pho in town. I have been to Pho #1 and Cafe de Lat and was gravely disappointed in the Pho compared to what they have here. The beef dishes are incredible and they will give you about twice as much beef for your Pho compared to other Vietnamese restaurants (and at a cheaper price). Urban Spoon
Great Vietnamese food
Diner Review • Dec 27, 2012
This restaurant is justifiably famous for its beef dishes but there are many, many more flavorful selections and I am trying my best to try them all. I have been coming here almost 7 years, since I discovered this place, and I always come back. Vietnamese food is different than most Asian foods in that it is a lighter fare, not using heavy oils or msg to enhance the flavor because it isn't needed. Try the noodles (Pho) that the Vietnamese are justifiably proud of and you will not be disappointed.
So Satisfying
5 of 5 stars Reviewed December 17, 2012 via mobile

Tried some new dishes tonight, and I'm extremely pleased that I did! Can't wait to go back to Albuquerque's best Pho Shop.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Senior Reviewer
“Pretty much the best Vietnamese food in Albuquerque”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed June 25, 2011

The decor may not be great; and if it's busy, the service can be slow. But the pho is a step above all the other restaurants in Albuquerque. The noodle dishes (bun & banh hoi) are also excellent.

6/7/2011 Yelp 4 Stars

 The pho here is okay, but the bun... omg so good. This is my husband's fav restaurant in Albuquerque.
I really like the Bun Bo with the crispy egg roll and hoisin sauce instead of fish sauce. So fresh, yummy and good.
Did the seven courses of beef once, a really fun treat. Loved the congee and making our own salad-rolls at the table.
Note- my Vietnamese-food-loving husband says he's seen a number of servers from other Vietnamese restaurants in Albuquerque eating here.


Great restaurant on Route '66.

Provided by Citysearch

I enjoy going to Pho Linh. The menu can be a little difficult to interpret, but it's fairly simple once you figure it out. Instead of listing different ""options"" for the same dish, the menu shows things as separate dishes. I typically only get one dish when I go there, so I haven't ventured through the entire menu. In all the times I've been there, only one lady has ever worked as the hostess/waitress/server/cashier. She does a great job. The food is good and is cheaper than fast food. Places like this almost make me feel guilty for paying so little! In addition to the food, there's always good people-watching near San Mateo and Central. Castle Mega-store is right next door. If you're staying at the Desert Sands, this restaurant should be a no-brainer. I'll definitely be going back for more!


Bonny posted on 08/17/2009    
 I loved this place...price is decent and food was very savory! Best way to sum up my experience is that the food is definitely "finger licking good"...


 I have tried nearly all of the Vietnamese restaurants in Albuquerque, Minneapolis and New Orleans - this is the best. Best food, best prices and best service. They have an extensive menu with something for everyone.

 There are not a lot of good Vietnamese restaurants in ABQ. I have tried them all. Compare to others, this is where I like to go most. This is where all the Vietnamese people go to eat Vietnamese food. The waitress may not smile, but she remembers faces and what you order. The price, taste, and portion are great. Try the "banh hoi" or "bun tet nuong" if you are new to Vietnamese food. I believe you will love it. Jackie Chen ate there and he liked it!


  • By A Yahoo! Contributor, 05/09/09
     My husband's favorite restaurant and for good reason. The phos are okay, but the noodle dishes rule. I love the Bun Bo, thin-sliced marinated beef, bean sprouts, mint and other veggies over rice vermicelli. The people working there are super nice and accommodating. If you go with someone and you have an appetite, try the seven courses of beef.
  • "Delights of the Far East in the Southwest" by Drexler McStyles

    December 01, 2009 -  This was my first experience with Vietnamese food which is really strange considering how much time I've spent in spent in SE Asia and how much I love Thai food.   I kind of wimped out though, and ordered the Chicken Curry Pho, probably the least Vietnamese thing on the menu. Regardless of that though, it was delicious, the Chicken was tender and the Potatoes fell apart in my mouth, while the Noodles were nice and firm. All kinds of delicious flavors to meditate upon. My wife got the Vegetarian Pho and found herself in heaven. Next time I'll have to try one of the Beef Pho dishes to make the experience 100% authentic. But based on one what I had today, (and the fact that every other person dining there was Vietnamese) Pho Linh gets Vietnamese right. Oh yeah, and its CHEAP.
          A Favorite Favorite‎            By richard - Nov 26, 2009
     I started going here when an ex took me there for a date. I was not very impressed with the atmosphere or the service, but when the food came I suddenly forgot all but my plate. Little was said while there was food on the table, due to the surprising taste. Even the shakes avocado, who knew it could be a dessert. Jack fruit, I had never even heard of it. Needless to say I have been a regular since. I introduced my wife to Pho and now we enjoy conversation and great food, at a very fair price. Enjoy‎
    Aug 18, 2009
    Love this place By dieu 
    I loved eating here when I was in town...The pho is the price which is very certainly get a bang for your buck here! The fish is also mouth watering....I certainly think that this place is comparable to Pho restaurants in California...
     One of the best in Albuquerque      By bluesky - Jun 22, 2008
     This is one of the most authentic tastiest Asian restaurants in ABQ. I still can't find any really good Thai food, but thank goodness for this restaurant. It is truly good and competes with restaurants in other cities. Also affordable. Also try the shakes. They are fun and phenomenal‎.
      A1 from A-to-Z   By Jennifer - Apr 20, 2008
     On business to ,we cold-called for catering service and were so impressed with the Spring Rolls we returned later for our own meal. Equally, we were blown away at the quality and value. Living in San Francisco, Vietnamese food abounds but this place rates the highest. Try the "Beef 7 Ways". Combine all of this with the warm graces of the owners and you too will be most impressed. Albuquerque is lucky to have this restaurant on its streets. I hope they move to SF someday and lead the pack of mediocrity.‎

     EBear December 22, 2009

    "My husband and I are in love with this place. We've tried every Vietnamese restaurant in Albuquerque (at least 20 different places, some now closed), but now only go to Pho Linh. I always got the Pho Sate, so superb with its spicy, complex broth, and my husband always got the crispy noodles with seafood. We recently broke out of this tasty rut and have loved everything we've tried. The salt and pepper dry fried shrimp is to die for, the curry chicken noodle soup is fab, loaded with chicken, yam, and potato, and even the wonton soup is really superb. The wontons were so light and tasty I had to ask about them. They're house made with shrimp and pork filling. This place is a gem!"     Best of the Web Local Stars 

      J.D. B., Washington, DC  

     Definitely better than Pho #1.  I had their spicy pho with rare-steak only.  It was quite good.  Pho is one of my favorite foods when I feel a cold coming on.  I love getting the big bowl and adding a bunch of sarachiya, chili paste and plum sauce to crank up the heat even more.   There was a good amount of meat and with the egg roll appetizer it is a big meal for not a lot of $$.  Also no free soda refills, which is a challenge when you like it really spicy but the place was still worth it. pan 7/31/2008  

    5 of 5 starsDec 24, 2009 by Guest93315 

    A Vietnamese friend at UNM steered me to Pho Linh, the best restaurant tip ever. Also, I recently got a flu shot given by a Chinese/Vietnamese man. I asked what his favorite Albuquerque Vietnamese restaurant is. He said "For the real Vietnamese food go to Pho Linh." Then I learned from my friend that the performers from the Thanksgiving day Vietnamese variety show at Isleta Casino all ate at Pho Linh the next morning. I'm working my way through the menu and haven't hit a dud yet. You can't go wrong here. I'm addicted to the fried spring rolls, the coconut shake and the pho. The beef cubes with tomato fried rice (a special often listed on a board in the entry) is my boyfriend's favorite. I just tried a new special I hadn't seen before, duck leg soup. The broth was really incredible and the duck leg was huge and delicious. Highly, highly recommended.


    2010-01-10 16:34:30     Comments on Pho Linh Vietnamese Grill

    The best Vietnamese restaurant in New Mexico. The food is very tasty and reasonably priced. I have brought many friends here and they have all come back on their own. I especially like the fried squid appetizer, the salt and pepper shrimp, the sauteed shrimp and the jack fruit shake.

    suburban r. Albuquerque, NM my old reliable. when one of the the 4 restaurants that i frequent is closed [monday or sunday] pho linh is there. i always invariable get the spicy lemongrass tofu served over rice noodle. the pho is also good.

    StarStarStarStarGray Star Posted by ions82 on 12/30/2009  Great restaurant on Route '66.  Very Good   Provided by Citysearch

    I enjoy going to Pho Linh. The menu can be a little difficult to interpret, but it's fairly simple once you figure it out. Instead of listing different "options" for the same dish, the menu shows things as separate dishes. I typically only get one dish when I go there, so I haven't ventured through the entire menu. In all the times I've been there, only one lady has ever worked as the hostess/waitress/server/cashier. She does a great job. The food is good and is cheaper than fast food. Places like this almost make me feel guilty for paying so little! In addition to the food, there's always good people-watching near San Mateo and Central. Castle Mega-store is right next door. If you're staying at the Desert Sands, this restaurant should be a no-brainer. I'll definitely be going back for more!

    Buddy Whitehorse friend online March 1, 2010  Rated 10 out of 10

    Great food at more than reasonable prices. You can't go wrong eating here. Each dish is better than the next, all cooked to order and made by an outstanding chef.


    March 3, 2010 Thank you for a great meal! Your fish was outstanding and your freshly made fruit shakes are delicious and a real bargain. BD

    September 30, 2010 hey your blog design is very nice, neat and fresh and with updated content, make people feel peace and I always like browsing your site. - Murk

    October 16, 2011 Try the espresso with condensed milk, it's sweet, rich, full and refreshing all at the same time (especially on ice). The food is simple and affordable, yet it is expertly presented and satisfying. What a fantastic lunch!    -- Joe

    Aug 23, 2013  I ate here just yesterday. My first time having Pho. It was AWESOME!! And the salty lemonade...addicting!!! - Laurel

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